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seattle's Journal

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Seattle's LiveJournal Community
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Please email seattle @ gmail.com if you have any questions or complaints!

Please be sure check the ever-growing tags sections if you are looking for information. [Not to be confused with seeking recommendations based on someone's personal experience, which are generally okay to ask for.] Many people are looking for similar things and your question may have already been asked and answered. In fact, if it's pertaining to dental work, piercings/tattoos, hair cuts, most restaurants, and general faqs about Seattle, it most likely has been addressed. Thank you.

If you do not see it in the tags or memories (we have jobs and can't add everything) google site:community.livejournal.com/seattle (what you are looking for) or google site:seattle.livejournal.com and it will search it for you.

Please use tags.

Please note, any posts with comments disabled or screened will be deleted. If you are a comment deleter/screener and we notice, we might delete your post.

You may post things for sale/wanted/etc. in this community, but please be mindful of the fact that there is also seattlebuysell for this purpose. So, if you plan on posting in both places, please try to keep your post brief.

Please note, any post regarding a for-profit activity must be completely behind an LJ-cut. If you do not have the complete post behind an LJ-cut, it will be deleted. You may include a small description in the LJ-cut.

Please add descriptive subjects in all posts to make it easier to find within the tags section.

Please note, if you post a duplicate, you will be notified via a comment and then it will be deleted. Do not post it again please. If you do, you risk being banned.

Please put any large entries/or entries with pictures that are over 50KB (or 400x400 pixels) behind an LJ-Cut. Thank you.

Please be sure to keep posts to things related to Seattle. If it is not related to Seattle, you risk it being deleted.

This is the Seattle community. There are many other Seattle-related communities, and they are catalogued here.

Thank you to kunzite1 for completely rewriting the code that was Tranquility II for seattle.

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