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Local Seattle author and soap-maker

Some of you on this comm already know my daughter, who grew up over here on the Peninsula, but who's lived in Seattle since her college days.

'Riptide', the sequel to 'Breakwater' by Lee Hadan, will be published THIS MONTH, yay!!! and the third book of the Storm Surge trilogy, 'Undertow', is well underway.

Lee is willing to come to Seattle classrooms to give talks about writing, being a writer, and becoming a published author. You can contact her here.

Also, Asterism Soaps, her Etsy business, has a lot of brand-new products up, and they're gorgeous - she's definitely going to have to put "Do Not Eat" labels on some of these, because they look and smell so delectable. Of her new Coffee Scrub soap, she said "I want to roll in it." Can't wait to try it myself!


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