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Chicago transplant

Hey all. 33, new to Seattle as of mid-July. Married, stay-at-home mommy to a 7 year-old cutie pie. Living in West Seattle. Looking for other moms with kiddos around my daughter's age for meetups or playdates. School is starting soon, and I wouldn't mind having someone to shop with, explore, or just go for a walk with during school hours. Anyone?
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i saw something the other day on a website about parent groups meeting. but also try the community centers a they have various groups and sometimes the bulletin board can have leads. walk your neighborhood too, we found friends for our son this way.

this site can be helpful:

just a heads up from another midwestern who planted here a while ago... seattle folk can be very different, if not pretty flaky. it can be tougher to make friends. but maybe you will do just fine.

also enjoy the sunshine and get out and go to as many of the parks here as many them are so awesome. but enjoy the sun. the clouds are coming. while it rarely snows or gets to 27 degrees here the clouds/drizzle do get annoying.

good luck.
If you haven't found it already, I recommend the West Seattle Blog. Various neighborhoods in WS also have Facebook pages or their own blogs that are fairly active.