m0rbidm00n (m0rbidm00n) wrote in seattle,

Black light posters?

Hey Seattle LJ,

I'm hoping you can help me find the best place to acquire black light posters. Apparently it's not the 70's anymore, so I'm having a difficult time finding quantity/quality. Any suggestions? I'd prefer shops on the north end or east side, but I'm willing to travel if there's an ultimate source.

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Spencer's has some on their site. It's been my experience lately that shopping in real life ends up being dumb because places have a lot of stuff online that's not in stores, so you might call the store if you like any of the ones you see online.
I always seem to find them at head shop.
Ever since the 70's, Spencer Gifts has been the best brick-and-mortar source for those, but there are plenty of online sites.
I haven't been there in a long while, but it seems like Innervisions on University had a few a while back. Also, check smoke shops in that area?
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