Mevima (codevixen) wrote in seattle,

I take it we won something, from the screaming and fireworks outside. When will it be safe to venture into the city again?
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It's so cool to be out of the loop, isn't it. Wow aren't you so unique.
Someone has to be the 1%.
Well, I COULD have sat there for four hours and watched other people take a ball from point A to point B, but I had vital internet memes to read.
Or you could post on the internet about how you're too cool to care and too cool to even know what the entire city was excited about.
Oyez, because the the entire city, universally, without exception, cares equally about sports.
It's not about whether or not they care, it's about clearly knowing what the big deal was and pretending they didn't. It's fucking obnoxious.


4 years ago


4 years ago

Do you even go here?
Great contribution, thanks.
It's a valid question, since this is like the platonic ideal of a seattle post and you seem angered by it.
You angered the ENJOYMENT POLICE.
he is not unique! cause I am on his side 100% :)
what a big deal, eh, another sports game on TV
Yes, we won the tight pants man clash! Stay inside forever, or else you might get infected by sportsball! Some internets believe it to be fatal!
Hee. I was actually referring to the very polite rioting and the snack food grocery store runs, but that works too. ;)
they took the "12" flag off the space needle, I think it's safe now :-D

(it was annoying me too...)