Chii (faithful_summer) wrote in seattle,

Anyone live in West Seattle near Arbor Heights and willing to do a stranger a favor?

Anyone live near Arbor Heights in West Seattle?

My dog had some specialty medical supplies shipped and the woman who took my order got my street wrong. Despite my street being a NE street, because the address did not exist on the street she chose, apparently their map software decided to correct the address to the West Seattle zip code where there's a similar address that actually exists. Despite the street address on the package saying NE, it was delivered *somewhere* not here, and I suspect it was to the SW address.

Anyway, they are shipping me more supplies, but that takes time. I'd like to find out if my supplies are actually at the address that I suspect they're at. It's not a close drive for me, so I decided I'd put it out here to see if anyone actually lives in this neighborhood and might be willing to go knock on a door to see if someone got an unexplained package of medical supplies with my name on it. If I knew for sure it was there, then I'd be happier about spending the time/gas to go get it.

It might be a fat chance of anyone here living right around there, but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask.
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I don't live too far from Arbor Heights. PM me?
PM sent!
PM replied - it is where you suspected it would be, and I gave them your info.
Got your PM! You're amazing!
You could try posting in the forums of the West Seattle Blog, or seeing if they will do a post for you on there.
Good idea! I forgot about the neighborhood blogs.