Lina (haremstress) wrote in seattle,

Experiences with Willamette Dental?

So I'm getting new dental insurance from my employer, and I can choose among a few options, once of which is Willamette.

I went to Yelp and the Renton location has a couple 5-star reviews, Lynnwood has a single 5-star review, and all the others look completely abysmal. Has anyone here (who isn't one of the aforementioned Yelpers) dealt with Willamette and are they really that bad/is the Renton location actually good?

The other managed care option I have is one of Delta Dental's PEBB plans, and the providers on that have either no reviews or terrible reviews. Sigh. (The group I'm in is 3100, for what it's worth, basically if anyone here is a public employee... who's your dentist?)
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