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Wide Calf Men's Boots

I've checked all the usual haunts - but I can't find anything that is helping.

I'm looking for mens, wide calf boots, but in small sizes (about a 6-7, maybe 8; nothing too ornate in design - doesn't even need to be knee high). Searching online is either taking me to pirate boots or taking me to sites that don't have the right sizes or any other information to help me specify the search. Searches on Yelp for boots doesn't come up with any stores that that say whether or not they have these, and nothing comes up for wide calf boots.

So is there a place in Seattle that stocks these? I know the local sneaker shops, but not of much else. I'm also I'd be willing to pay up to $100, but much more than that and I'll stick with loafers. Already checked Payless and DSW, so I'm betting it's time to try local shops.
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