papertigger (papertigger) wrote in seattle,

coin counting

so i have a big sack...of coins, and it seems that i need to get rid of them and turn them into money i won't get yelled at for paying with.

my credit union, the illustrious BECU, bitches out to coinstar and it's still 9 cents a dollar. wack. i am poor and hard-working, yo, and it's not like gift cards to amazon or itunes, the way you can get "free" coinstar counting, will do much for me. safeway's ghetto-coinstar is as much.

Viking Bank used to offer free coin counting (and their site even says they still do), but they're liars...the machine in the ballard branch is "for customer use only."

any ideas, folks? no, i don't want to open a new bank account, i just want my damn coins counted. bonus points if it's in north seattle or shoreline but i'll go wherever metro can take me if it means i can turn my giant sack into 90 bucks.

EDIT: tanukisuit, other than having an awesome name, saves the day: US Bank downtown will do it for free. thanks! (and i edit it further: they were REALLY nice about it. i had more like $175, actually.)
Tags: financial
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