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Food Recommendations

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for all their responses to my question about alcohol policies in WA state.  I appreciate ALL the info and I'll definitely try to buy my liquor before the shops close.

Since I'm flying up there this friday, I wanted to ask all of you for any recommendations you might have of anything exceptionally delicious to eat in Seattle.  I'm not a picky eater at all, have no dietary restrictions, and am open to eating anything that fat bald guy with a TV show does when he travels around the world.

So what are your recommendations on any upscale/fine dining, cheap eats/hole-in-the-wall, bakeries, cafes, unique & eccentric places, bars/clubs/lounges, restaurant with a view, dinner & show, ethnic restaurants, or any other category I might be forgetting?

Also, if you might be able to recommend any specialty food makers (anything from artisanal chocolate, bread, candy, smoked seafood, coffee, etc.) I would appreciate it.

EDIT:  So far, I'm hearing great things about Beth's Cafe (12 egg omlettes), and Midnight Cuban sandwiches from Paseo.  I know I have to visit *impaled on a sPike Place*, but where do I go there?

I'm looking forward to visiting.  Thanks!
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