Katia (iamkatia) wrote in seattle,

Xmas for homeless youth in Seattle

I am very close to a lot of the homeless street youth here in Seattle.
It breaks my heart that many of them will be alone, on the streets,
this Christmas with no where to go. No family to go home to.

Last year, right here, I put a request in asking for donations of money
and grocery store gift cards so that I could make a big Christmas feast for them.
I raised enough $ to pull it off and we all had a scrumptious feast together
in Freeway Pk under a bridge. It was cold and damp and darkish but we were
together and feasting and drumming and happy.

This year I found a place for our Xmas day feast to be held indoors!
(thank you church of Mary Magdalene!)
I have cooks and cleaner-uppers but I now need $, food donations and/or grocery
store gift cards(preferably Safeway because it's close to me) to purchase our feast items.
Every little bit helps!

my email address is: iamkatia@gmail.com
For those who would like to donate via paypal
my email address there is: katia__r@hotmail.com
(That's two underscores after katia)
Please help me make this happen for them.

Thank you so much!

(I have a blog about the street kids in Seattle here if you're
interested in getting to know more about them.)

Hope to hear from you!


Update: $60.00 collected so far and $50.00 pledged. thank you!!
we need 4 times that. keep it coming please!!

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