Schmucky (schmuckythecat) wrote in seattle,

Optometrist that doesn't sell eyewear, recommendations

Hey, I need a recommendation and google/review sites don't provide it.

I need a new eye examination for glasses. It's been a few years and I can tell my current pair don't cut it anymore and my contacts are giving me a headache. I hate going to those mass-market shops that sell eyewear - and just happen to have an eye doctor. Those eye doctors have given me bum prescriptions and they really only care about selling high-margin glasses to people with vision insurance or people stupid enough to pay their MSRP.

So, I'm looking for an independent optometrist who treats an eye prescription like a doctor, not like a salesman; will accept cash, and give me a complete eye prescription with appropriate measurements to take elsewhere for my glasses and contacts.

What say the wisdom of seattle?
Tags: eyecare
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