Ferris (modified) wrote in seattle,

Where is your bus?

The short of it: http://onebusaway.org/

The long of it:

If you are a regular Metro KC rider, you've probably noticed your bus doesn't always come on time (shocker, I know). Fortunately, there is http://mybus.org/ which provides real-time tracking info for Metro KC buses.

Unfortunately, MyBus doesn't do you too much good when you are already standing on the street waiting for the bus. Sure, you might have a fancy iPhone or memorized all the MyBus timepoint ids ahead of time for use with the text service, but for the rest of us...

Introducing http://onebusaway.org/ . It's an extension of MyBus that provides the following:

1) A phone number (206-456-0609) you can call where you can enter a stop number (available on the printed schedule posted at the stop) and have real-time arrival info read to you over the phone!

2) That first one is important enough to repeat. Though there are currently web-based tools and SMS interfaces to MyBus, they require either an internet-enabled phone or that you remember your MyBus ID ahead of time. Our system let's you walk up to ANY stop in Seattle and get real-time arrival info for just that stop with just a standard cellphone.

3) Currently MyBus info is only available for MetroKC timepoints and not actual stops. We've gone through and and done the math to compute arrival times for all 9500+ stops in Seattle.

4) We've also put together a website that makes it easier to find stops than the current MyBus interface. It's pretty much http://busmonster.com/ back from the dead.

If you are a regular transit user, I hope you find this useful. Now I'm going to go say a prayer to the patron-saint-of-the-slashdot-effect.
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