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does anyone here ever ride the Sound Transit commuter train between Seattle and Tacoma?

A friend and I are going to take a round-trip excursion on it, just because we've never been on it before and we want to check it out. (If that makes us weird, we don't care.)

Is there anyone out there who can answer any of these questions?

1. I know the station is at King Street Station, same as Amtrak. Is getting tickets for Sound Transit easy and self-explanatory? I've only taken Amtrak from there and I don't recall ever really seeing much around about Sound Transit.

2. We intend to take the 3:35 train out of Seattle, which is supposed to get to Tacoma at 4:35. Then we'll take the last train out of Tacoma back to Seattle at 4:45. Will we need to get off the train and re-board when we're in Tacoma? Will the ten minutes allow for enough time to do that?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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