The Literary Exhibitionist (machupicchu) wrote in seattle,
The Literary Exhibitionist

framing recommendations

Hello everyone,

I want to have three 11x14" posters for plays my partner has been in framed as a Christmas present. I live in the Wallingford/Fremont area (very close to 46th & Aurora) and would love to get a recommendation for a frame store.

Two of these posters are only one copy I have access to and losing them would be catastrophic to me; as such, I do not want a corporate-type place (such as Frame Central, for example) that sends the art to a warehouse to have the work done. I want a place that does their work on site, and preferably close to where I live. My partner is the one with a car and he's currently not working, which means there's no way I can go to a place that is driving distance without ruining the surprise.

I have my eye on Wallingford Custom Framing on 45th near the library. Does anyone know anything about that place? I intend to call them later today when they finally open again, but thought I would ask here if anyone has any experience with them (as they would be very ideal for me in terms of location) or if anyone has any other recommendations of a local framing business in the area that does their work on site.


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