TemperTantrum (tempertantrum) wrote in seattle,

Schooner Wawona, NPR, and the freakin' Parks Dept

Did anyone hear the KUOW (NPR station) story this morning about South Lake Union Park and how the Parks Department may DESTROY the Schooner Wawona (the big wooden boat alongside the park)? Ken Bounds is quoted as saying that the Parks Department will distroy the Wawona if it isn't moved. That guy is a tool. I'm getting sick of hearing about all the destruction that the Parks Department is taking on.

The Parks Department really knows how to piss people off. Taking down trees in Pioneer Square. Setting up for profit concerts at Gasworks. What next?

If anyone is as pissed as me here is how to contact the guy:
Superintendent Ken Bounds ken.bounds@seattle.gov (206) 684-8022

If you don't know what I'm talking about here is a Library of Congress page about the boat:
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