Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote in seattle,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Seattle Meetup

So, some of the original LiveJournal crew (me, lisa, daveman692) will be back in town on Friday, back to where it all began in a grass- and mud-smelling UW dormroom.

We're primarily coming up for work (other employees are in Seattle whom we're meeting with), but we're trying to mix some pleasure in with business.

So yeah --- beer:

Friday, 7pm - ~9/10pm: Jillian's Billiards Club
(731 Westlake Ave)

Please do come chat with us about new stuff we're doing: instant messaging integration, telephony (Asterisk, VoIP, Jingle/GTalk), shared calendaring, mobile apps/services, photo hosting improvements, etc. Come tell us what you like, and more importantly: what you hate. Help prioritize our development. David wants me to add that you can get me drunk and then I'll likely approve your pet feature. I'd say that's not accurate, but he probably remembers previous events more clearly than I do.

(And there's actually two big announcements coming up, and I wish they were in a different order, but I'd get my hands slapped (again) if I spilled the beans, so I'll let you wait and read them both later on news/lj_biz/etc..... I think one if not both will be announced before the meetup, so we can discuss those too...)
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