December 31st, 2006

gimp needs help

i broke my ankle a couple days ago. due to it being my right ankle, i cant drive, and due to my being on crutches and living at the top of a big hill, i cant make it down to the bus stop to get to work (or back up in the evenings, for that matter). does anyone know of any door-to-door services that could get me from tukwila to work in downtown seattle? thanks in advance for any suggestions...


I am a weekend caregiver for a really nice elderly woman in Ballard. She needs a reliable person to take care of her Monday through Friday 5pm-8pm. She tried to find people on craigslist, but in the past 5 months, she has gone through 5 caregivers that are AWFUL. It's a pretty easy job. If you are interested, please email me at stephseattle at aol dot com.