December 30th, 2006

kurt halsey


Does anyone know where to find mardi-gras style masks? I'm hoping for something that just covers the eyes and has a little glitter or feathers on it? I was going to check out Champion and Red Light, and other ideas?


What are all the international destinations you can reach from the Seattle airport (without any change of airplanes of course;)?
I know there is London, Copenhagen, Oahu (Hawaii counts as international for me), but what else?

I am trying to decide where I should go for spring break and would be interested in something warm on the American continent for less then $300. And NOT Cancun ;)
And anybody knows how hard (or if possible at all) is it to do a stand by for an international destination?

For the long run I am really interested to know what international flights go out of Seattle directly, not just South America.