December 29th, 2006



After dining there tonight, I found out that Friday will be Pete's Pizza's last day in business. Their lease got sold out because there's condo / business development going on in the area. Sad. Oh well, if you want one of the best calzones around here, pay them a visit before it's too late.

Pete's Pizza
1919 Queen Anne Ave N
Flight of the Navigator


Did you guys catch that awesome sunrise? It was just gorgeous! Like fire in the sky, illuminating the mountains in front of it. And when I looked over at Lake Union, the water was a lavender color, reflecting the sky.

Unfortunately, since I left my camera at home (and I was driving) I was unable to get a picture.

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I need some personal recommendations for snowshoeing routes near Seattle. My friend and I wanted to go to Mt Rainier tomorrow, but sadly, the roads there are still closed due to last month's flooding. I'm hoping for something fairly low-grade, plenty of sweet views, and a round trip of no more than seven or eight miles.

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the other day at my retail job (at a newish store on the ave), a young lady came into my work with a shopping bag from the university book store. we check all shopping bags at the counter, which is a pretty common thing, especially on the ave. our conversation went like this:

me: "hi etc, can i check your shopping bag for you?"
her: "oh. do you have to?"
me: "yes, its our store policy."
her (now all sassy): "uh, then i wont shop here."
and the broad walks out!

we've had this happen probably 10 times since we opened three weeks ago, and nobody can figure out why. do you think we are going to steal something from your rite aid bag? what is in your shopping bag that you are so ashamed of us seeing? omg are you buying TAMPONS?!?!?! GROSS.

can somebody please explain this to me because it makes me sad and confused when people get huffy and walk out of my store.