December 27th, 2006


Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus presents "Singing the Divine"

The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus presents

Singing the Divine

A program featuring sacred music from several spiritual traditions
including Leonard Bernstein's "Chichester Psalms" in Hebrew
and Antonio Vivaldi's beloved "Gloria in D" in Latin
Guest artist Gina Salá

Saturday, January 13, 2007, 7:30 PM
Saturday, January 20, 2007, 3:00 PM

Seattle First Baptist Church
1111 Harvard Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

$15.00 at the door or in advance
$12.00 for students, seniors and youth (ages 12-18)
Free ages 11 and under.
Groups of 10 or more will pay only $12 per person in advance


Celebrating all genders and sexualities,
SLGC is a nonprofit organization
Kitty canoodling


My mom lives in Shoreline and has been taking care of a stray cat for weeks now. It is THE SWEETEST CAT ever in the world. I wish we could keep her, but neither of us can. The kitty also appears to be pregnant, but we're not certain yet.

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Did you or someone you know lose a calico cat? Her colors are really soft and muted--pastel calico. She had a black Harley-Davidson collar with a pink tag on it, and her pink tag had an address: XXXXXX E. Glen Dr, and a phone number, but the phone number had no area code.

We tried calling the phone number using certain area codes (206, 425, 360, etc.) but that didn't work.

Also, we've Googled, and there is no E. Glen Dr in Washington, as far as we can tell. There are E. Glen Drives in, for example, New Jersey, but the NJ phone prefixes didn't match the phone number given on the tag, either. So we are at a loss.

If you think this is your cat, please contact me at my address (thiscantbesoy) or comment here. I'm asking, in order to verify it's your kitty, that you be able to tell me either the phone number given on the tag, or the street number of the E. Glen Dr address.

If we can't find her owners, my next post will likely be trying to find her a new home. She is a tremendously friendly, loving, affectionate cat. So very sweet. Sigh.
  • alathia

Forms for selling a used car?

If I'm selling a car, do I need any other forms besides the Report of Sale? The WA DMV site is less than helpful. Do I need the Odometer Disclosure form as well, or anything else? This is a private party sell of a used vehicle. I know that I need to send something in to transfer the title, but I believe that is on the title itself and not a form I need to fill out. Thank you!

ETA: Thank you for your question response seattle! I appreciate the clarification. The buyer is coming back and I mentioned he needs to check out the DMV site, but for right now I am just going to file the Report of Sale online. :)
  • azila


My friend and I have no idea what to do for new years. She's 18, and I'm 17... Does anybody know of some fun all age new years events in Seattle? As in, something that will actually go on into the new year. I found a few all age events, but they were earlier in the day, and then a 21+ show in the evening... That's no good... The only other non-21+ event I found was studio seven, but neither of us want to go to that. If there's nothing happening, we can just find something to do at home, but it's worth a try. So... Is there anything else happening that I've missed in my research? Any help would be great. Thanks!

Edit: My first thought was a concert or something, not a house party. If we can't find any events then we can party at a friends house. I was just wondering if there was anything like music, fireworks, or some kind of show that we could go to. Thanks.