December 23rd, 2006

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Anyone still looking for a PS3 before Christmas?

I was at Fry's Electronics (Renton) a little less than an hour ago. They still had some PS3s there; however, there's a catch. You have to buy it in a 9 game bundle (I don't remember which games or if it was bundled with anything elsed). The total is just under $1100. In case you're interested, you should probably call first to ask about it and find out about availability; their phone number is 425-525-0200.

I know the PS3s are in high demand. I hope someone finds this useful. I wouldn't surprise me though if nobody were willing to pay the $1100.
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Weird question

Do you have any unused/dead computer towers around? Can you part with the front chassis that you can part with? That's the front panel on computer towers. My friend needs them for an aRt project. If you can help, please to be commenting.
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