December 21st, 2006

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Anyone else besides me get into the Orca test card program?

Anyone else besides me frustrated by the lack of readers on the buses? I think I've used it all of four times in the past two weeks. Some test this is...

pest problem

I just spent about 15 minutes in the rain, picking up garbage from a can that got knocked over by some animals. I live in the city of Seattle, just south of the downtown core in Beacon Hill. I have an animal problem... not quite sure what I'm dealing with, but I think it's a combination of rats (chewing through my garbage can and recycling bin), cats, and squirrels. I'm not quite sure what to do about this, but I'm open to suggestions.

As far as getting metal cans, I think I'm stuck. Seattle provides recepticles, and unfortunately they're all plastic. I would like metal so the damned rats won't chew through them. I suppose I could set out some traps... rats are something I don't care about, but I don't really want to hurt or kill the neighborhood stray cats. The containers are on the side of the house... moving them indoors or into the garage isn't really an option.

Does anybody have any advice on how to deal with this problem? The trash can lid doesn't seal anymore since it has been so chewed through. A new can is on order, but it'll all just happen again. Thanks for your thoughts.

Low income clinics?

Do low income/ free clinics exist in Seattle?

I don't need a Planned Parenthood- I need a regular doctor schmockter. I'm having this horrible acid reflux again and haven't had an attack this bad since April. I have been taking 300mg of Zantac and I'm still waking up at 2-3am in horrible pains. I can't keep calling in and not being able to provide a doctors note.


Thanx Seattlites.
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If you have plans to shop at U-Village tonight, think again. The area has no power, and the mass exodus of shoppers without working traffic lights is making traffic a nightmare. Avoid the area if at all possible.

candle-light vigil this eve at westlake park

a candle-light vigil takes place tonight from 5 to 6 pm, in front of the carousel at
Westlake Park (downtown). groups such as the Justice Center are joining with
the antiwar group Women in Black, so it should be a big turnout.
They'll be marking the 52 deaths of homeless people that have
taken place in King County this year.

this is a vigil marking National Homeless People's Memorial Day, which
takes place on the shortest day of the year (today) as well as
the longest day of the year.

i'll be there photographing for 'real change'.
hope to see you there!

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Hey all,
I'm doing some last minunte shopping and I don't wanna pay an arm and a leg for shipping online.. so, is there any piercing shop or anywhere that sells 1" plugs (for stretched lobes) that isn't overpriced?
Any suggestions would be helpful (:
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All-Ages Threat - State Liquor License Amendments

Amendments have been proposed by the state liquor board to the legislature that would require nightclubs to apply for a nightclub license. Not only is this a pain in the ass, unnecessary, and expensive, but in order to get this license clubs could not allow people under 21 into the establishment AT ANY TIME. This means no more all-ages shows at the Showbox, Neumos, Chop Suey, El Corazon, or any other club in the state with a bar.

Bill is here:
Write to the mayor here:
Write to the liquor board here:

candle-light vigil tonight at Bellevue Square

Hay seattle
I am going to be hanging out in Bellevue park tonight. (just south of Bellevue Square)
There is a ceremony from 5 to 5:15 tonight.
such WORLD RENOWNED groups as “Mothers against flipping daddy’s ‘vette” and “fois grois, the delicious heart cloger” will be there, so expect a big turnout.
We will be marking the passing of tens of thousands of rich people who die in King County every year from natural fucking causes relative to their environment.

I’ll be there photographing for “Exploiting homeless people as cheap labor” news.
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Great customer service story

This is the time of year when retail horror stories abound. Well, I wanted to share a letter that my fiance wrote out to send to the regional manager at Staples.


That's pretty much all I could think so say as I walked out of Staples tonight. Yes, you read that right, Staples. As in the American big-box office supplies retailer. You know, Staples, that was easy’(tm) Staples. Yup, that Staples.

Never in my life have I received such professional, friendly, and genuinely helpful attention in any super-store, and frankly a place like Staples was the last place on Earth I would have expected to find it.


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