December 20th, 2006


Thank you Seattle!!

Just wanted to put a post of thanks up to everyone who responded to this post. Over $600 was raised (that's just what I know about, more may be coming in) in donations. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The ladies deserve it, and their Christmas has been saved.

It just goes to show, if we put our collective minds to something, and have the right motivation, we will save the world.

Restaurants open on Christmas Day

So, it's just Dad and I for Christmas dinner this year and we would like to go out and have a semi-nice dinner (more upscale than Denny's, but not $50 a plate) rather than choke down my poor attempt at cooking a meal. 

We're looking for a place to make reservations in the Auburn/Federal Way/Tacoma area. I've made a couple calls already (Black Angus, Outback) and they're closed. Can anyone recommend a place that will be open and yummy? Only restriction: Dad's not really a seafood kinda guy. Anything else is pretty game. 

Thanks all!

hotels...if you had to choose

hi all...

the mrs. & i will be visiting your lovely city for new years and beyond (for about a week)...if you had to choose between the following hotels to stay in, which would you choose (and why)?

1. watertown hotel
2. hotel deca (formerly the best western university tower hotel)
3. best western executive inn (the one right next to the's a freakin' fortune on 12/31!!!)

also...any recommendations on new years eve happenings? we were thinking of watching the needle fireworks show from gasworks (weather permitting, of course)...but beyond that???