December 19th, 2006

  • dinkuss

Newbie needs X-mas Guidance

So we just moved here a few months ago and I am hard pressed to find some of our traditional stocking stuffers. Every year I get those maple candy things that are shaped like trees and snowmen, etc. They come in a smallish box with a clear plastic front and are so incredibly delicious! Anybody seen those? Preferably in N. Seattle?

I'm also looking for some other wonky delights. Been to Archie McPhees already. Any other stores I should visit that have stocky goodness up the yin yang? These are for my husband. I wouldn't mind getting him some festive underwear either.

Thanks for your helpful ideas and relatively unharmful banter!

Seattle credit union or, uh, bank, with safe deposit box?

Bank of a-Moloch-a (once known to me as SeaFirst) no longer suits my banking needs. I did check memories, and Judy's Book (its search optimization sux); and as a member of two Seattle-area credit unions, I have already checked to see if they can offer me a safe deposit box. They can not.

Is there a local credit union or even a recommended bank that doesn't suck (my money through monthly account fees) as much as Bank of America does that offers a safe deposit box?