December 18th, 2006


t-shirt printing?

So after being jerked around a bit by, I've decided to search around a bit for someone else to print my t-shirts.

Any ideas? My requirements: not incredibly expensive, but prints on American Apparel in all sizes. Preferrably a business that uses proper punctiation in emails. Local is not necessary. Danke!

WINDBREAK '06: The worry

The phone rang. It was my mom, calling from Bakersfield. I was busy, can't remember what I was doing, so my wife fielded the call. "I saw the wind storm on the news," my mom said. "Are you all right? Do you have power?"
We asssured her that we were all right, and that we had power. In fact, the storm merely grazed us, which was lucky.
The next day, I was talking with my barista about the storm, and she said her mom had called her and asked if she had power, as well.
Dear friends, did you get a worrying call from your parents?
oh my legs
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What's opened/closed?

I was out of the state in Hawaii for a week and missed all the drama. There is nothing exciting going on in Ballard and I didn't lose power the whole time. So this leads me to my question... what is opened? closed?

Malls? Restaurants? Movie theaters? Are there places I Should stay away from?

And thanks for behaving yourselves... :)

Copied from a friend who needs help

Just to let you all know, I hate doing this, but it is kind of necessary....

As you all know I work at a women's homeless shelter. Currently we are having a serious lack of Christmas donations for our Christmas Party presents that we hand out on December 21st. We normally try to give each lady (about 285 women) a hat, glove, and scarf set, some candy, a long distance calling card, and a $5 gift card to either McDonalds or Starbucks. Sometimes we can even give them make-up samples and some hair accessories.

Unfortunately the day is only 3 days away and we are woefully short on everything. So I am writing this hoping for help. These are the things we are short on so far.

For the Christmas Party Gifts:
Starbucks or McDonald's $5 gift cards
Calling Cards
Hair ties, barrettes, hair combs
Make-up or Perfume Samples

For the Christmas Party Meal Itself:
Sparkling Cider
Snack Items such as Chips, Dips, Peanuts, or Mixed Nuts

For Christmas Day (The ladies are in all day and we don't have a way to cook):
Meat and Cheese Trays
Chips, Dips
Fresh Fruits
Candy ('specially candy canes of various flavors)

If you can help, or know someone who wants to help, contact our services coordinator:

Mykel Montgomery- Noel House Programs Services Coordinator
441-3210 ext 200
or just drop it off at: 2301 2nd Avenue (In the alley between 1st and 2nd off of Bell St.) anytime between 9am and 5pm or 5:30pm and 9pm

Thank You Everybody!
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New Years ideas

Do you know of a New Years event? Is your bar/hotel/club/house/whatever doing something fantastic and awesome at midnight?

Whore it out to me.

My boyfriend and I had a great time in Portland last year, but we're looking for something new this go-around. Give me whatever you've got, whether it's in Seattle, the surrounding area, or a few hours away. We have eclectic tastes, so whatever it is, I want to hear about it.

Come on. It's free publicity.

(Mods: I actually want to know. Seriously. Even so, let me know if I need to delete this.)
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Apartment hunting - Insider info

I've spent the last two months checking out different apartment sites and spending A LOT of time on Craigslist looking for just the right place. I've got a couple to go look at but thought I would toss this out there to see if anyone has some apartment leads for me.

I'm looking for the following, though I'm am slightly flexible.

1) 2 bedroom, 1 bath
2) Located on Cap Hill, First Hill, Eastlake, Belltown or Downtown.
3) Washer/Dryer in-unit
4) ~$1000/month

My roommate and I have no car, no pets, and really don't need much more in apartment then what is listed. Anything more is just fluffy clouds and sparkles.

So if you happen to be living in a similar situation and there is an opening, let me know and I'll check it out.

also: I checked the memories, clicked on all the links on how to find housing in Seattle, but those websites don't really show the good deals you can only get from word of mouth.

I've lived on First Hill in the last 3 years with exactly the same type apartment for $1000. I've also lived in a 2bd/2bth with W/D for $1300 on first hill in the last year. This is seattle/livejournal so I expect the snarky comments, but seriously - are you really all bending over backwards to pay face value on your apartments? I'm willing to haggle with the apartment management. That's why I said ~$1000. Give or take $100-200.