December 17th, 2006


Our Governor

Announced Friday morning at 8:30 that she was having a news conference at 10am.

All the news agents were strung thin and stuck in traffic so most only got a filed report on the event.

What was so critical to announce with a 90 minute warning when 1.5 million had no power?

That she would let voters decide if the Viaduct should be above or below ground.


Thanks, Marie Antoinette.
  • jenyum

Best Place for Storm or Emergency Related Info

I have been listening to KIRO 710 AM since Saturday afternoon. Next time there is an emergency, it seems like the only station worth listening to. They have been taking calls from people stranded without power, water, or information all weekend and actually answering their questions and hooking them up with services on the air.

They also periodically list all the available shelters.

need acid for bombs

Dear Seattle,

I am looking for citric acid which is a key ingredient I need for making bath-bombs.  I've  tried Safeway, Longs Drugs, PCC, and Whole Foods, all to no avail.  Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.