December 16th, 2006


Power outage map?

You'd think someone (one of the local papers or Seattlest or someone) would put up some sort of map/database/Wikimap to help track which parts of the Seattle area have power, but I haven't been able to find one. Anyone?


I still have a cassette player in my car and I'm looking for shops around Seattle that still sell used cassette tapes. I have found them at Everyday Music on Cap Hill but haven't been lucky any where else. Suggestions?

food in the u-district

so, I know there is a lot of food here.
but, whenever i am around I hit up thai tom, than bros, or some manner of indian.

can anyone provide a suggestion of food that is off the beaten path, or that I am likely not to have heard of?
or is there some really great restaurant that I am just plain missing out on?

thank you so kindly