December 12th, 2006

half angel

Color Business Card Printing

Hey Everyone,

I'm in the market for some full color business cards and I'd love your recommendation for somewhere LOCAL (not a random web site please) that does good, relatively inexpensive printing.

I recently got cards through iPrint and they were pretty fast and cheap but it sucked not to see a proof before the printing was done. I would have done a few things differently if I'd seen a proof first.

So - recommendations please? If you have any ballpark pricing handy, that would be great too. I'd prefer not to go to Kinko's or an Office Depot type place.

starry night

Missing Dog - Redmond

My mom's dog went missing today in Redmond. Her name is Sara, and she's a 3-year-old, small sheltie with slightly floppish ears. She was a rescued dog - the previous owners had her voice removed and her fur is still re-growing along the back. She's very shy and nervous with new people, but a sweet softie. She's probably very scared.

My mom is completely heartbroken - please, if you see Sara, their phone number is on her tag. My dad posted an ad on craigslist as well:

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Printing Alternatives

Where in Seattle (pref Capitol Hill) can I find a good, independent print shop who will be able to print color quarter-page flyers? Please send your recommendations for affordable printers my way.