December 8th, 2006


specific tattoo question

i checked the memories and found some good reccomendations but i was wondering if anyone here had a reccomendation for an artist to do a good pin-up girl tattoo. i'd prefer seattle (no suburbs, please as i am doing this all on bus from bainbridge island.) any advice anyone has would be very appreciated. thanks, y'all!
  • eleri

Dear Certain Seattle Drivers

There is a STOP SIGN on the school bus for a reason, asshats. Losing a couple minutes off your schedule is not more important than my child's life, sorry.

I swear, once a month I have to protect my kid from some jerkoff who thinks he can breeze past the bus while it's waiting. And it's NOT sitting with the sign out and the lights flashing for long. She only turns them on when she sees us at the base of the driveway. I'm going to start bringing my digital camera with me, and getting plate numbers.
  • Current Mood

Checkbook balancer anyone?

Does anyone know of an accountant or other professional service type person who might be able to help some senior citizens with balancing their checkbook? I work at a bank and while we don't mind helping people balance a few odd transactions, every once in a while we'll get an elderly customer who wants help balancing MONTHS worth of transactions. I'd like to be able to refer these people to someone who is in a better position to actually spend a couple of hours going through each individual check and deposit with them. Anyone got any ideas or personal experiences?

Big and Tall Hiking Gear

I want to go for a walk. The problem is that my outdoor gear is still the stuff I had when I lived in Missouri. It's great for cold weather and snow but it doesn't keep me dry enough in the rain. So I started shopping around for a new coat. I can find lots of stuff online at places like Draft Horse Clothing and King Size Direct, but it's hard to see if it's really what I want or need. I've also checked out REI but they don't clothing for bigger folks. Casual Male XL has clothing in my size, but they don't carry the kind of outdoor gear I need.

Does anyone know of a store in the area that carries outdoor clothing for big guys?

  • cithra

West Seattle street blockage?

Anyone know why 35th Ave SW was cordoned off from Thistle St. to Holden St. all morning? Lots of police but no aid cars or fire trucks that I could see as the #21 bus was gingerly picking its way down 36th on reroute at 9:30 a.m.
  • eleri

A good schoolbus story

Since there is much kvetching on the other thread.

2 years ago, our 4 year old mutant daughter managed to sneak out the deadbolted front door of the apartment we lived in. It was cold and raining out, but she did put her boots on...but that's all that she put on.

In the moments it took me to realize she was too quiet, and start looking for her inside (hide and seek in closets being her favorite game at the time), and then more frantically outside, she got down three flights of stairs, through the parkinglot, and down to the main, very busy, road, and started to walk around on the side of the road.

One of Edmond School District's finest stopped their bus in the middle of that street and put their lights and sign on. Traffic froze, while my neighbor, who had been helping me search, saw her, bundled her up in a blanket, and carried her back up the hill. The entire span of this was less than 10 minutes.

*That* is why you stop on multi-lane streets, or anywhere. If that driver hadn't put her lights on, and if the other drivers hadn't obeyed the law, my daughter could have been killed in an instant.

I made sure the school distrect knew about how fantastic the driver was... *after* I stopped being hysterical.

Jewelry repair and/or engraving recommendations?

I have an 18k gold bracelet with a small broken link that I'd like to have repaired. Does anyone have a recommendation for a trustworthy jeweler near downtown or Belltown that will do repairs? Preferably not one of the larger chain stores (Ben Bridge, Zales, Jared, etc).

Alternately, if anyone knows of a good place for jewelry engraving (I have a titanium money clip and keychain that I'd like to have monogrammed for a holiday gift), I'd appreciate a recommendation for that, too.

Many thanks!