December 7th, 2006

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some guy driving a kiro news van just stopped me while i was walkin my doggy on 16th and 56th, and told me to "be careful because there are two shooting suspects on the loose", so i ran home and now my dog is going to poop in my room, but i was wondering if anybody heard anything about a shooting up here in the udistrict?! jay leno is on instead of news :\
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Christmas trees for charity?

Does anyone know of places selling trees for charity north of the Ship Canal? (inside Seattle still, though)

I know about the cool places on Capitol/QA Hills, but considering the feats of engineering it will take to get a tree home with my littlebitty car, I'm hoping for a place closer to home.

I've tried memories/tags/google/PI/citysearch/divining rod.


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First , Tonight is Schizophrenia! kaosqueen and nightwind23 are spinning tonight! Come show them love!

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Next, this Sunday is Fifth Column with machine_logic and nightwind23 we'll be open extra late because (for those of you in the know) it's Helmut's going away party! With special DJ Guest Osiris N from Bell's Theorem! Come show some support! It'll be all that and a bag of chips! Membership not required for either of these nights. Thanks to bigdonkeyretard for the spiffy flyer!!

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Okay everybody, carry on smartly...
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Question on living in Alki

Question about moving to the Alki area:

I'd like to live in Alki (moving from Mountain View in the Bay Area), and I see a lot of listings for places to rent. I have some questions, however:

1) I've heard the bridge out of West Seattle is a level of Dante's own Hell -- long commutes, lots of sitting, stopped traffic. Any comments?

2) I've read complaints from people who live in Alki that, come Summer, the place becomes unlivable due to a huge influx of people heading to the beaches. I've read complaints of gang activity and lots of loud music and bad attitudes. Any comments?

Thanks for any input.

knife laws

so. i'm moving to everett next month from portland and i need to know what the knife laws are like in washington. i can't make no sense outta all them fancy speakin' ways on the websites about them, so who wants to clarify?
i don't carry a knife just because i like shankin' peepz, but because i'm often out late at night alone. being a wee lady, i've had a few nearly unfortunate run-ins, the last and most serious one happened in seattle, incidentally. but i'm equally paranoid about getting busted for carrying an illegal weapon.

thanks, kids.


is it seriously THAT hard to just answer a simple question? next time i'll just ask ted nugent.

Gas, Food, Lodging

Fellow seattle reprobates...

I need a cheapo hotel. The closer to downtown the better. For Saturday night, jes.

Nothing that will give me cooties, crabs or scabies. Yes, I know, cheap and scabies? I'm asking a lot here.

I also don't want to be staying in a hostel because I have sleeping issues (read: the grass growing next door wakes me up) and that will probably require me to take six trazodone just to get to a light sleep, never mind REM sleep.

Also, none of the scum fine establishments on Aurora Ave... I want to com out to my car and find the paint still intact, sans jizz stains.
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Wanting to pub crawl

Or even just a pub stop.

Insert here all the regular advance apologies for the possibility of double posting, but the only semi-related post I saw in the archives was something about where to watch World Cup.

I'll be back in Seattle for the holidays, home from the UK. But I can't leave all my habits here in jolly ol' England, so I'm looking for the best "English" pubs in Seattle. The George & Dragon is what mostly comes up on Yahoo. Any other suggestions? I wouldn't want to have to bring my own bottle of Pimms home with me.

ETA: Thanks for all the great suggestions so far, kids! I'll be keeping a list of them all for future reference. ;)