December 5th, 2006


High Quality Digital Printing in Seattle?

I've been searching for what seems like ages for a printing service in the Seattle area that does professional quality scanning, slides, and printing. Giclee prints would be ideal, but I'm looking for anyone who can give me a high quality print! Printing profiles are the bane of my existence as an artist and printing things myself is just not worth the time or effort anymore. Any light on this situation would be wonderful. Thanks!

P.S. This is my first post on the Seattle community.

framing recommendations

Hello everyone,

I want to have three 11x14" posters for plays my partner has been in framed as a Christmas present. I live in the Wallingford/Fremont area (very close to 46th & Aurora) and would love to get a recommendation for a frame store.

Two of these posters are only one copy I have access to and losing them would be catastrophic to me; as such, I do not want a corporate-type place (such as Frame Central, for example) that sends the art to a warehouse to have the work done. I want a place that does their work on site, and preferably close to where I live. My partner is the one with a car and he's currently not working, which means there's no way I can go to a place that is driving distance without ruining the surprise.

I have my eye on Wallingford Custom Framing on 45th near the library. Does anyone know anything about that place? I intend to call them later today when they finally open again, but thought I would ask here if anyone has any experience with them (as they would be very ideal for me in terms of location) or if anyone has any other recommendations of a local framing business in the area that does their work on site.


Looking for Good Eye Doctors/Vision Clinics

I've looked in memories and am also doing my own research, but wanted to see whether you guys can give me recommendations on good eye doctors and vision clinics preferably in Downtown or South Seattle area. Recently lost a pair of glasses during a bus ride yesterday and have been walking around blind for the past day, so need a replacement fast! Am also looking into maybe getting contact lenses as well. Any recommendations, or words of caution on places to avoid will be much appreciated. Currently I'm considering the Jackson Vision Clinic in Chinatown. If anyone has been there and would like to relay their experience that would be great! Thanks in advance.

Christmas trees?

We want to do the "traditional" Christmas thing tonight and go cut down our tree (I voted for a lovely fake one, but was overruled)  We’re in Issaquah and I have several questions.  First, how much can we expect to pay for a medium sized tree in this area?  Also, any recommendations on farms to go to or to avoid?  My Dad brought home a tree one year where the farm had been flooded the previous fall and cow manure from the pasture next door got into all the trees….needless to say the farm owners didn’t mention this when he bought it.  Anyway, I digress- this is our first time doing this, so any advice is appreciated!!  Thanks!!

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Gene Juarez at Redmond Town Center

Has anyone has their hair done at the Gene Juarez at Redmond Town Center? If so, did you have it done by Jessica, India, or Trinity? I'm making a reservation there to get my hair done for my wedding, and those are my choices of stylists. I've never had any of them do my hair, so I'm hoping one of you will have. Help!