December 3rd, 2006

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Hebrew tattoo

Can anyone recommend a good tattoo artist in Seattle who knows Hebrew? I want to get a tattoo in Hebrew and ideally I'd like the artist to be familiar with it. However, my second choice would be to find an artist who knows Hebrew to make a design I can take to a tattooist.

I promise, I did the obligatory memories check on the off-chance that anyone had ever asked this same question.

Any advice on either would be welcome!

edit: Can I please request that you guys stop having debates down there? My inbox is clogged with your crap. All I wanted was the name of a few tattoo artists, not a huge religious debate.
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A little help here

I need to book blocks of hotel rooms for an upcoming wedding. I am going to utilize the memories section of seattle, Google, and whatever else I can find, but I would like a few recommendations on hotel names between SeaTac airport, through Seattle, over to Bellevue and possibly out towards Issaquah. The wedding will be in the Factoria area, but most of the guests are coming from out of town and will have transportation. The closer to the major freeways the better, so I can provide easy directions to the guests.

Thanks for anything you can suggest!


I watched Boyz N The Hood again last night and Laurence Fishburne's speech about gentrification got me thinking about the changes going on in Seattle. Since I recently moved here, I still have an "outsider looking in" mentality. I don't know what Fremont or Capitol Hill or The Ave were like 10 or 20 years ago. (I could tell you all about Dallas, but that's another community I guess.)

Given the wide differences in the members of this community and the manner in which we respond to posts, I am moved to ask you about your opinions of gentrification in Seattle.

So, in your opinion:

1. Which neighborhood(s) has/have been "ruined" by gentrification?
2. Which neighborhood(s) have been (or could be) improved by gentrification?
3. Do you consider gentrification to be a threat to Seattle's culture? Why or why not?

Thanks for your replies!
Strangers Waiting

(no subject)

Easiest way to get onto Occidental Ave S. from Southbound I-5. Google maps says I have to make a loop around I-90 but I was wondering if there was another exit I could take perhaps before that and if there was a way to get through town.

Any help would be appreciated.
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