December 2nd, 2006

  • jsl32

gynecologist that does bookings with 1-3 days notice needed

i need to see a gyno, but as a new patient, my wait generally is weeks long, sometimes months. does anyone know of local gynos who will see new patients with less than a week's notice? seattle city limits much preferred (specifically anything easily reachable out of downtown).

edit: any planned parenthood i call can never book me sooner than 2-3 weeks out. also, my specific problem is menorrhagia, which is basically hemorrhaging menstrualness several days a month. and when i haven't got that, i am constantly menstruating, which means no pap smears. anyway, i need to be seen sooner than weeks out, as the whole deal appears to be getting worse instead of lessening.

snow chains?

on january 1st im driving from sf to portland, then on the 2nd im driving up to seattle. do you think im going to have to buy snow chains for my car tires while passing through portland on my way up to seattle? will there be that much snow?