December 1st, 2006

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Missing Family - Please Read!

I am re-posting this for a friend:

Please read this information about an SF family, the Kims, that is missing, having never returned from their Thanksgiving trip to Seattle and Portland.


sfgate article here

grassfire's post on this

Anyone with information about the Kims is urged to call Inspector Angela Martin with the San Francisco Police Department's missing persons unit at (415) 558-5508. After hours, callers can contact the Police Department's operation center at (415) 553-1071.
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hotel advice

I just spent the last 4 hours searching google, etc. but I am hoping for some personal opinions from people here.

it is my anniversary this weekend and I wanted to surprise my wife by picking her up from work and getting a hotel tonight, like check in, go to dinner, sleep in and maybe do some shopping in the afternoon

I am looking for something romantic, and hopefully in the price range of 100-175, any thoughts from you good ol seattle lj'ers?


preferably in or near seattle since my wife works in SLU and she doesn't get off work until 4

Missing phone

I lost my cell phone last night at Game Works downtown!
If anyone finds it (Verizon LG 5200) email me at
That phone's number is 509-209-1921; I can't remember anything else about it that would allow you to verify it's mine. You'd just have to check in the settings for that.

Oh and I also lost one of my gloves, so if you happen to find a north face black glove with it, cool.
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(no subject)


Fri, Dec 1st 8pm; Sat Dec 2nd, NO SHOW; Sun, Dec 3rd 4pm;
Fri, Dec 8th 8pm; Sat, Dec 9th 8pm; Sun, Dec 10th 4pm.

Hales Palladium,
4301 Leary Way NW, Seattle, WA 98107

A British Panto , musical comedy for all ages.
An English tradition at Christmas time,
bring out the whole family for this interactive theatre form.

Buy tickets here:

Fugly Christmas Sweaters

Hello Internets,

I will be attending a "Goofy Christmas Sweater" party next saturday. I need to find a goofy christmas sweater. Teh googles and such aren't turning up much info.

Has anyone been to Value Village lately? Do they have goofy holiday sweaters?

If anyone can recommend a good place where they have seen goofy holiday sweaters, please let me know. I will pee your name into what little snow is left in my yard as a sign of thanks.

I thank you in advance, Internets.
we call out for those that make us feel
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corporate event planning time!

has anyone had any experience at whirly ball (up in edmonds), the family fun center (bullwinkle's something or other) down in tukwila, or know of any go-karting or laser tag places right in/around seattle?

pros, cons, etc? google doesn't yield any useful/insightful reviews, unfortunately.

Celebrate the season with songs . . . and bids!

Join the
Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus
for its third annual

Holiday Sing-Along and Silent Auction

Sunday, December 10, 2006
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

The Little City Gallery and Event Space
318 E. Pine Street, Seattle

Sing your favorite holiday songs.
Bid on wonderful arts, crafts and gifts.
Share the event with friends and family.

Admission is free!

Save the date!
Celebrating all genders and sexualities,
SLGC is a non-profit organization.

Home Owner Spam

This seems really odd to me.

Some back story: my fiance and I get an incredible amount of unsolicited mail from local realtors.  We live in a condo, and these mailings are almost always for property for sale in the area, or for workshops and seminars.  I spent a ton of time each week, sending snail-mail mailing list removal requests to each offender, sometimes calling them or visiting their offices to deliver my requests a little more personally.

But the same people keep mailing us over and over and over.

One of the most problematic has been Coldwell Bains Banker.  Each of their reps has his or her own mailing list.  Eventually, I got so sick of being ignored by the individuals, I started sending all of my removal requests to their main website contacts.  That got a response.

The tech administrator told me that they get their lists from the Washington State Assessor's office, and that even if someone removes my address from their personal list, I'll be back on it the next time they refresh with the Assessor.

I emailed a few times, asking to be removed from their send-list, or at least flagged as some sort of "do not contact" thing.  Like the phone book, you know?  Don't list me.  After ignoring me for months, this was finally what they responded with:

Not possible, records are public domain and unless State law changes, we cannot remove you from our database.  Thank you.

S.W. Roe
Executive Assistant

That just doesn't seem right to me.  Does anyone know anything more about this sort of thing?

I am sick and tired of the spam, and the amount of paper waste it generates in my mailbox every week is ridiculous.  It all goes straight to the recycling bin these days.
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personal recommendations & technical publisher wanted

First: Does anybody have any personal recommendations for a tire/battery automotive service provider on Capitol Hill? I'm still figuring the area out, and my car battery seems to have died, and after a friend of mine comes to jump start it I'd like to get the battery replaced, as well as fix the still-busted ABS electrical wiring leftover from a small accident in early summer. I've taken my car to Fleury's Ballard Tire in the past and have had good service there but I'd prefer to know of something closer. Also, I'd like it to be as close to Pike & Summit as possible, so that in the event the battery currently in my car has any issues, there won't be much worry about getting stranded anywhere. (My car is Volkswagen Jetta, if that makes any difference to any of you.)

Thanks in advance.

Second: Any web content publishers looking for a gig? If you've got solid HTML and XML technical publishing skills, it looks like my team will be hiring at least one more for a Microsoft-related contract through Allyis. If you're interested, comment here or send me your resume at mere.tucker(@) and I'll pass it along to the recruiter for you.
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buffet search

i need a buffet. not a chinese buffet. not a shitty old town country buffet that closes at 9:30 on a friday. not a bloody 45 minute drive to a casino buffet. i need one in the seattle, or preferably bellevue area, that is open late and has standard, satisfying buffet food, like fried chicken, and roast beef and weird jello and mac and cheese. please.