November 26th, 2006


Hotel recommendations?

I'm getting married next fall, and our out-of-town guests are already asking for recommendations for hotels. I guess they like to plan ahead. Anyway, I'm going to make up a little list of recommended hotels for them, with an expensive option, a couple middle priced options, and a lower priced option. I'm looking at downtown, Belltown, lower Queen Anne, lower First Hill sort of areas. Bonus points for cheap parking. Absolutely nothing on Aurora and no hostels. Suggestions?

Nothing to do on a snowy Sunday

So, I've found that Trader Joe's can be very hit or miss on which products taste good. Like, their salsa = good, but the blue corn chips = bad. (IMO) It would be nice to have some opinions to better guide my way through this store that I like so much.

What are your favorite Trader Joes foods? Which are not?

Gas boiler repair recommendations?

My gas boiler crapped out while I was gone for Thanksgiving, which means I have neither heat nor hot water. I tried re-starting it, to no avail.

Oh, joy.

Looking through the Yellow Pages, there is obviously no shortage of people who will come over and fix it, but which ones are good? And which ones should I avoid?

ETA: I ended up calling Carlson Mechanical on a neighbor's recommendation. They were really nice, and got my boiler running again very quickly. I'd definitely use them again: (206)533-0685.
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Bill Laimbeer

Snow vs. Rain

So up here in Shoreline, is snowing hard and sticking
which leads me to a question for all of you out there:

Weighing all the pros and cons, would you rather it snowed lightly and stuck or rained very hard for a week straight?

Fifth Column is TONIGHT

Hey guys. Attendnace is improving, but we're not out of the woods yet. Please show up and continue to support this night or we could wind up going away for good. If you're curious, you can still see a few pictures from the last Fifth Column here.

Membership is not required for this night. You must be 21+ w/ID. Thanks.

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Kitty Snake

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Seattle nears rain record as discussed in the New York Times.  Now, if you remember the last time the Times wrote about our fair city they claimed that people only walk three blocks to go anywhere.

Also, apparently is snowed today.

P.S. The article features the correct pronunciation of Mount Rainier, its "ray-near" in case anyone was confused.