November 25th, 2006

Kitty Snake


Whats all this about snow now?

Personally, I cant wait.  It seems to snow in Seattle at least once a year and sure enough on that day everyone stops and acts as if they have never seen snow before.  The city freaks out for a few hours and then everyone goes back to their normal business.  But snow.  Im really getting sick of the weather this fall

Bake Sale?

Anyone know of any bake sales going on this weekend or next in Seattle? I'm particularly interested in homemade Christmas cookies. Google of Seattle bake sales isn't being helpful.
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VHS to DVD Services?

My wife is asking me about the VCR collecting dust since it was removed from the entertainment center this summer. I'm not comfortable getting rid of it until a couple tapes we own are converted to a new format we can play. I don't trust chancing my wedding video to a shipping service to lose, no matter how remote the chance. Does anyone recommend a local place that can handle this?

Thanks :)