November 22nd, 2006

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New Rule - For-Profit/Spam Posts

If you are advertising for a For-Profit event, it must be entirely behind an LJ-cut. You may include a small description of the event in the LJ-cut. If you do not follow this rule, the post will be deleted.

And it goes without saying that one post per event is enough...

--The mod tired of the spam

(no subject)

What's your favorite Nutcracker downtown right now? I'm partial to the chocolate one, and the Jimi Hendrix one. There's also one called the "Dark Side of the Nutcracker" with a Pink Floyd theme that unfortunately is located between the Paramount Theatre and the Convention Center, which sounds like a super busy area but actually isn't at all. Poor guy.

If you haven't been downtown, here's a link with all the Nutcrackers and a map of their locations.
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(no subject)


Does anyone know the story behind the big, flashing, dance club-style lights pointing at the street out of the window of that house on the west side of Aurora just south of the bridge? We always see them when we're heading into town from Fremont and I always say I'm gonna ask the Seattle community about it, so there it is. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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WHAT IS WITH WASHINGTON DRIVERS ON THE HIGHWAY WHEN IT COMES TO THE PASSING LANE??!!! It seems like the slow people drive in the passing lane and leave it up to you to pass them in the slow lanes. Is there something I don't know about??
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No More Speakeasy

I'm thinking of ditching Speakeasy for Qwest. I'm tired of paying more for less, basically. Speakeasy's customer service is maybe a little bit better, but not by much, and I can pay less for 5mbps on Qwest than I'm currently paying for Speakeasy's measly 1.5. As much as it pains me to go with the big company, it just does not make sense to stay with Speakeasy anymore (whose performance has been pretty spotty lately).

So, the questions I have...

1. Does Qwest actively block ports or do anything else that would prevent me from enjoying P2P?
2. For those of you with the "Premium" service, how are is your connectivity in general?