November 21st, 2006

Wanted: Suburban-style house for film shoot Dec. 2-3

WANTED: Suburban-style house for film shoot, Dec. 2-3

I'm shooting a short film for Northwest Film Forum the weekend of Dec. 2-3 (that's a week from this Saturday and Sunday), and I need a house location that meets these characteristics:

* Nothing too special -- a typical suburban tract home in the Spielberg/Burton mold. (Which is ironically not that easy to find in Seattle.)
* A modestly-sized home -- no McMansions.
* A front door at street level, or at most, a few steps up. And on the front of the house, not to the side.
* A relatively low-traffic street to accommodate a small amount of vehicle action.
* A front door with a security peephole is ideal.
* Mostly exteriors and the area just inside the front door.
* Extra credit:
o An in-ground sprinkler system that you're willing to fire up. (If this is all you have, let's still talk.)
o Any additional interior availability -- kitchen, living room, etc.
o Availability for test footage during this Sat-Sun Thanksgiving weekend (yup, this Saturday and Sunday).

FYI, this is for a program called Signature Shorts -- I was one of four artists invited to create a 2-3 minute short film to run before features at Northwest Film Forum and other regional movie theaters. It's a very exciting project for me -- we've got a great cast and crew lined up -- and if we can just find a suitable location, we'll all be breathing a lot easier. (Getting the weather to cooperate is another issue...) For your information, the film concerns a girl scout trying to unload her last box of cookies on a grumpy neighbor. Trust me, hilarity ensues.

Compensation consists of inclusion in the "Special Thanks" section of the credits, DVD copy of the film, and invitation to a cast/crew screening TBD.

Feel free to spread the word -- and be sure to email me if you have any leads -- digital pics of your home a plus. Thanks in advance for your help!
You talking to me!!!

professional but free Photographers

I need help.. I need someone that can help me pick out some outfits and take some professional photos of ..

i have lost 134lbs in the last 8 month and need to have something other than web cam pics or my family little digitali photos.

So are there any volunteers that are willing to help me do this type of thing.

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Kitties need to be adopted!

My mother had surgery on her foot a couple weeks ago. And since she can't get down to the cattery as much as she normally does, she needs to place a couple cats in some of your loving homes. All of her cats are purebred persians. These are a couple of the cats that she wants to place, and are definately ones she is willing to place for free adoption to good homes.

First is Dolly, a dilute calico persian.
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Next is Gizmo, a solid blue persian.

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She only asks the following if you wish to adopt one of her cats:

1.) Please don't declaw them. Accidents happen and if they were to be loose outside they may not be able to defend themselves - not to mention its been known to change the animals personality.
2.) Her animals are whole (not spayed/neutered) and asks that you spay/neuter the cat as soon as possible.
3.) They are indoor cats. None of her cats have seen the outside world beyond the windows, doors, and cat carriers.

Let me know if you have any questions about them and I'll answer as best I can or try to get an answer as soon as possible from my mother.

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Where's a great place in town to get a Christmas tree?

Preferably a tree lot somewhere between Northgate and SoDo, the closer to Capitol Hill or U-Dist the better. I'm looking for a good selection of 8' trees that are good enough to last about five weeks. The place must be open tomorrow afternoon.