November 20th, 2006

Curiosity made kittens

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So, I'm wondering when the holiday festivities start in Downtown Seattle.

Like when Westlake lights up the tree and starts the carousel and all that good stuff.

Any imput would be wonderful.

Lazily checked recent posts and didn't see anything.

-Answered :)
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Any recommendations for acupuncturists in the Seattle area (u dist, cap hill, downtown, etc)? Even more so who have experience dealing with fertility issues? I've never been so would love any names you can offer to get me started.

annoyed cat

Coat Repair?

Hey Seattle - My coat zipper broke last winter, and now it's wet and I'm cold.

Where can I go to get the zipper on a leather jacket replaced? Every time I google for it I get fetish sites, most of which will not fix my zipper.

In exchange for your help, you are allotted one (1) jab at me for being a vegetarian with a leather jacket.

Quick online survey to help a UW student

Hello Seattle.

I am a student at the University of Washington and I am currently completing a research project investigating the effectiveness of the wayfinding or navigation system on campus at UW Seattle. A part of my research involves gathering qualitative data in survey form.

-->I am looking for people who have visited UW in Seattle to complete a simple, anonymous online survey. Please note: This is completely voluntary and anonymous and you can skip any question if you do not feel comfortable answering it. Also, if you are or ever have been a student at UW, this survey is pretty pointless for you because I am looking for responses from people who have had little experience or don't go to campus every day.

Here is the URL:

I would greatly appreciate your help! please comment with any questions.

Thank you!