November 18th, 2006


Unfortunate choice of words...

KIRO 7 news coverage of the Bellevue crane incident...Steve Raible, in his intro to an on-the-street reporter, says "This incident has crushed business for one local restaurant..." or something to that effect. Despite feeling bad for the guy who was killed, I was laughing too hard to keep his actual words in my head. Anyone else catch that??

Where to buy kombucha culture?


I see kombucha bottled drinks at natural and specialty food stores, but I would like to try making my own. I have read I need a kombucha culture starter. Are there shops within Seattle that sell kombucha culture starter? If so, what are they?

Cleaning service recommendation

Hello--I'm looking for someone to come in once or twice a month to my house in Maple Leaf and clean--vacuum, wash floors, wash kitchen and bathroom surfaces, dust, knock out the vampire spider cobwebs holdng my basement together. (Yes, I do clean; I'm not a total slob...but the real scrubby stuff hurts my back.) Does anyone have a recommendation/anti-recommendation for individuals or services? What is the going rate around here? I have a quote for $60/hour from an individual but that seems awfully high.

Thank you!
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Dear seattle (mcfnord):

I checked through the Tenants Union of WA State and some of the RCW on the subject, but two questions remain unanswered:

Can changing the locks after you move out not be considered normal wear and tear and be deducted from your security deposit?

What about painting, if they have a policy of repainting everything after every tenant regardless of whether the place needs it?
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Mardi Gras Masks, Dolls, etc

I'm looking for a store in the Seattle area that has ceramic or nice mardi gras/festival style masks. Nice enough that you could display on your wall at home, but not something that is going to break the bank.

I'm also looking for cool looking plush jester/mardi gras dolls.

If anyone is curious (and I know you aren't). These are to be wrapped up with the Teatro ZinZanni tickets I'm getting my mom, dad, sister, and brother in law this year. This is also why these gifts need to be reasonably cheap ( < $20ish)

Any other ideas other then masks or jester like dolls would be really welcome. My creative juices just aren't flowing today.
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Bored Tonight?

Then check out the closing night of our sketch comedy show and be sure to stay for the Black & White closing night party afterwards! DJ, dance floor, no cover and the bar will be open! Remember you can only wear black and white!

> Show name: The Best of Train of Thought
> Featuring: Kaci Aitchison, John Boyle, Ryan Miller
> Performances: Saturday November 18th
> Time: 10:30 PM (doors open at 10)
> Location: Northwest Actor's Studio: The Cabaret Theater, 3rd Floor, on Capitol Hill (1100 E Pike Street, Seattle, WA, 98122) - Map
> Ticket price:$10, $8 with valid student ID