November 17th, 2006

Bones Hillman
  • bork

Sculpture classes?


I'm looking for beginning sculpture classes in the Seattle metro area. Clay is the preferred medium. Due to my work schedule and a long commute, weekend classes are preferred over evening classes. Also, classes in or relatively close to Cap Hill also preferred - though I know I can't get everything! Also, clay is the preferred medium for sculpting.

Many thanks!
  • a_star

Grey's Anatomy Party

Hey. I was just wondering if anyone knows how we can get into the party or even where it is going to be held at. This is the fan party for Grey's Anatomy that Oprah is putting on. They are going to be on her show today and she is having fan parties in different cities. Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago I think. I really want to go to the fan party so if anyone knows how I can go to it that would be awesome. I tried her message boards but haven't gotten anything. I have also tried other various message boards for Seattle and haven't found anything. If anyone knows please please please. Help a fellow Grey's Anatomy Fan. Thanks!

Sorry. If this was already posted. I looked through the recent entries and didn't see anything posted about it but just in case. Sorry.

Recommended Vets?

I'd like to hear your guys' recommendations for veterinarians...

I'm especially looking for a skilled, caring one convenient to Capitol Hill.
Bonus points for any that work at least one weekend day per month. :)

Edited to add:

Thanks for the recommendations-- after reading here, and doing some more research online, I think we're going to try the Rainier Veterinary Hospital.  The Broadway clinic, while more conveniently located, seems to have some annoying marketing/sales practices and charges quite a bit more for the exact same services found elsewhere.

Along the way, I found this site.  It's a bit outdated, maybe, but gives a quick comparison of costs with notes.
Dance kate

Any military folks?

Hey if anyone in this community is in the military, are there any good chiro's in WA (specifically anywhere from Whidbey Island to Everett) that you would recommend that Tri-Care accepts?

I have ongoing back issues and just moved here from MD about a month ago, and would like to continue my chiropractic care.

  • alodi

Photograph an Apartment

Hi, I have a request for anyone who would out of the kindness of their heart (or for a cd they've been wanting for a long time provided it's not ridiculously priced sent off of to you) go to an apartment and take photographs for me and my fiance? We're moving to Seattle from Albany, NY and need to have a place to stay as soon as we get there in Dec. This place sounds great, landlord seems very nice, but he has no means of taking photos. Would someone please help? The apartment is in Queen Anne Highland Drive. Thank You!