November 16th, 2006


come check out my author event!

FRIDAY, November 17th, 2006, 7:30pm...

I'm gonna be reading from my book "INDECENT: How I Make It And Fake It As A Girl For Hire" at Elliot Bay Book Company.

Also, the Seattle PI should be doing a blurb on me in their Friday, November 17 edition.

Elliot Bay Book Company
101 South Main Street, Seattle
(206) 624-6600 for information

Here's a link to my Amazon page if you want to buy my book or read some reviews:

I really hope to see some of you there. And if this post is inappropriate to this community, please zap it with my apologies, oh Moderators.
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Kitty Snake

Seattle nation's #2 most gay city

I just heard this on KUOW, but according to a new study Seattle is the second most gay city in the nation.  "Among the 50 largest U.S. cities, Seattle is second only to San Francisco in the percentage of residents identifying themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual, a new study reports.  The study reports found that 12.9 percent of Seattle residents — roughly 57,900 people — identified themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual."

Thanksgiving - Bars open?

I want to see the Broncos play the Chiefs. ANYONE know of a bar open on THANKSGIVING that would have the NFL network? That's the only TV channel it's on, and I don't even have Sirius for the radio game. Help a sister out! Google is being a bitch. Any recommendations? Queen Anne, Ballard, Phinney, etc preferred.
Thanks in advance!
Run Like Hell

Beer in West Seattle

Can anyone tell me where I can find the largest selection of bottled beer in West Seattle... I've been settling for what Metropolitan Market has to offer, but there must be better, right?

I know and love Bottlewerks in Wallingford, but now, sadly, that's just too far to go. Please help!
Wild Gaskarth

(no subject)

Is there a law in washington that says how many hours between scheduled shifts you need to have?

I'm curious because they've scheduled me to work tonight till 1am and then open at 9am tomorrow.

Bellevue Crane

Any one know how the crane that fell over across the street in Bellevue? It fell acrost 108th Ave between Ne 4th and NE 2nd around 7:45pm tonight. The crane operator made it out okay, and no one has been found seriously hurt yet. Wow... I must have stepped out of the Rock Bottom to walk off happy hour right after it happened.

Edit: Unfortunately one person was found dead.
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Mold Update


Yes, I know. Contact the tenant's union (which is DAMN near impossible)...but here's the update.

About a month or so ago I posted about a black mold problem in my apartment. I ended up sending them a letter with all the details suggested (we're responsible people and are concerned about our health) certified mail. They came and cleaned it up. It grew back. They came and took out part of the wall, left fans on all weekend to dry it, my husband and I ended up sleeping in our living room for a week and a half, they then resealed the wall and painted has been TWO days and the mold is back, full force...maybe even worse than before. Not only that, but the bathroom floor is rotting and our washing machine is leaking from the backside.

Keep in mind that this has now been going on for over a month.

Is this grounds to break the lease? What do you guys recommend? Thanks.
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