November 15th, 2006


Best place for buying a bowling ball?

I've started bowling with friends every Monday night at the AMF. (It's really cheap after 9pm.)

A friend of mine told me that the best local place to buy a bowling ball (only about 40 bucks was his claim) was the Sports Authorty at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue. I went there today, and they said that while it had been the case, they no longer sell bowling balls.

I am not paying 150 bucks for a ball at the little retail shop at the AMF.

So, where is the place to buy an affordable bowling ball now?
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German deli/grocery in Seattle?

Checked memories and didn't see anything related to this.

Anyone know of any German grocery stores in the Seattle area? Preferably one that sells packaged seasoning mixes such as Knorr's Weinerschnitzel and other condiments, not just meat. I currently order my supplies online, but would love to save on shipping. I know of a German deli, but they don't sell condiment/dessert/packaged mix stuff. Thanks for any help.

Edit: Thanks for all your help! Now I've got several good options I can check out. I knew LJ peeps would come through. Vielen dank!

Spam spike?

Has anyone else experienced a marked increase in the amount of spam they receive via email? In the last two weeks the amount of spam I'm getting has gone up by my layman's measure of 500%! This includes:

+ mail marked as "***spam***" by my host, though still placed in my inbox
+ mail filtered by Thunderbird into my "spam" folder
+ mail that gets through to me like regular old email, sometimes several copies

Most of these contain obvious viral attachments, but some are just your usual junk about penii, vaginum, and hot stock tips.

Just wondering if something more meta is going on or someone I know just happened to get duped my a viral attachment.
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Cancer Benefit featuring Celtic Music this Sunday


Local Celtic/Irish Band Battles Cancer With Beer

Seattle, WA (November 15, 2006) – Local Celtic/Irish band Ockham’s Razor along with Fado’s Irish Pub & Restaurant announce a benefit concert for John McCaig. John and his wife Steph opened Sugar, an independent wholesale bakery, in West Seattle in September 2003. Late this year as Sugar celebrated its 3 year anniversary, John was diagnosed with cancer and began chemotherapy. He is expected to recover just in time for his 32nd anniversary but the couple does not have any insurance. “The bakery is our life, our dream, our passion.” On Sunday November 19th starting at 9pm, Ockham’s Razor and Fado Irish Pub will hold a benefit concert for John. We’ve all heard the recent news from scientists that link the benefits of hops in beer with the prevention of cancer. Let’s help prove them right by raising a glass of Guinness to John!Collapse )

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I work at 6th and Pine, and the garage under my building charges $6/day for a motorcycle. I've heard rumors that some places downtown charge as little as $2/day. Curious, does anyone have any reliable information on the cheapest covered daily motorcycle parking downtown? Or, cheapest monthly motorcycle parking downtown?
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hippy shiz?

Thursday (tomorrowz!) at 8pm at 1205 East Pike you're invited to a "free experiment regarding your sonic receptivity to our fleeting, aural installations [pie hole? - ed.] between our sonorous instruments and your dome-piece." pre-baked? This might be what the LAZER BEEM SPACE NEEDLE should have been.
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Laser show

So Clearview is marking the launch of a new service in Seattle that provides Internet service to the home wirelessly by putting on a laser show on the Space Needle.

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Trust me, the pictures are actually more exciting than the actual "show".