November 13th, 2006

oh my legs
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It seems Elliott was closed because a cop was killed in an accident. (more info on My real question is, does anyone know if Elliott is opened again? Does traffic suck if so?

Power Outage 2K6!!!

Oh noes, seattle!!!

For the 2nd time in a week (this happened Thurs. evening, too), the power is out in the Georgetown/Sodo areas. We have a straight view down to the Columbia Tower, and it looks like there are no lights (but that could just be distance). Any other areas reporting this trouble?

Of course, I guess if you don't have power, you might not be on teh intarnets. Lucky me, they set me up with a laptop, so I have no excuse not to work! So I use this nice convenient laptop to play on eljay.
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I know some gas stations sell kerosene, but I haven't been able to find any near me (downtown-ish or Burien) and I really don't want to spend $35 for 5 gallons of the stuff at Home Depot. Does anyone know where I can purchase kerosene...preferably in the aforementioned locations?

Thanks much!
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oh my legs
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Pies for sale

I saw this at work and thought it was a nice idea. I don't know anything about it but they pies look quite good.

For Turkey Day, we’re holding a very special fundraiser, for us!

My husband John was diagnosed with testicular cancer in September. We don’t have insurance. Our medical bills are at about $75,000 so far, and we’re really freaked out. We’re asking our nearest and dearest clients, friends and family to help support our dream of owning our own retail bakery by buying a pie (apple or pumpkin) for Thanksgiving.

Hurry, the deadline is Sunday Nov 19th. Pies are $20/ea. Please visit our web site to learn more.

Desperately looking for...

A hotel room or suite that could fit twelve people, and would not cost an arm and a leg.

I know that "arm and a leg" isn't specific, but hopefully, maybe something under $200?

We'd also be willing to do 6 and 6, if it could be found cheaper.
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Hello, I'm new to the Seattle area and am coming from a place where I had roommates that I shared furniture with. Well, here its just me and my husband (yay!) but now we don't have much furniture. Also don't have a large amount of money due to hubby having a hard time finding a job and I'm an E4 in the military.

In any case we are looking for the following:

Cherry colored living room furniture (only need a coffee table and side table(s)
Dark cherry colored bedroom furniture
Neutral colored living room couch and chair

If anyone has anything they're trying to get rid of for cheap, please email pics at

I've been looking on craigslist and have been having a hard time finding anyone that is willing to hold anything for me long enough for me to set up a way for me to pickup the furniture.
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the full moon was over a week ago...

i think i just saw the Men in White Coats cart off some guy that was removed from the Route 8 bus going up 1st Avenue North in front of what used to be Watertown and is soon to be Hula Hula.. i think he was singing/yelling as they put him on the stretcher and loaded him in the ambulance.

that doesn't really give much info.. just shows that there was medic response of two ambulances. there were also two police cars.