November 11th, 2006


Pick-up games

My schedule doesn't really permit me to join a league, so I'm looking for places where I can join pick-up games of racquetball, volleyball, dodgeball, basketball, etc. Preferable south of downtown, but I'm willing to drive a bit farther.

Job Posting: Technical-Facility Manager for Vera Project

I thought I would pass this job posting along. The pay isn't good, but it's an awesome opportunity.

Better believe your inbox. Vera is hiring for yet ANOTHER position. Setting up a committee to search far and wide for a talented candidate with tech leanings to be Vera’s first Technical-Facility Manager.

This person will coordinate all sound and technical things related to the move, new venue, and work on creating and implementing programs and classes.

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  • jenyum

Center for Yoga of Seattle

Hello All,

I am considering taking some intensives at the Center for Yoga of Seattle.  Has anyone tried them out?  I'd be interested in hearing some reviews.  They have an incredible deal for people new to their studio, but with the complicated logistics of getting there from Tacoma/arranging childcare I need to be cautious.
Kitty Snake

free hugs

Was anyone near Westlake Plaza today?  Did anyone see the people giving out "free hugs"?  Sure, they are much better than the Lyndon LaRouche groupies, but free hugs are sort of creepy. Im not sure if I like strangers giving out free hugs.