November 9th, 2006

{HP} Hermione


Is anybody interested in carpooling from Redmond (Microsoft or nearby) to Cap Hill/1st Hill/Belltown area?

I have a very comfortable 2002 VW Jetta that is very clean. I have a great taste in music, I might say, and can be a fantastic roadway DJ (or we can compromise on the radio, doesn't matter too much to me). But I work a split shift, 6-11 and 3-6 and the commute in the evenings lately has just been Hell. We could work out a deal on gas money, I'm not too picky, I mainly just am tired of it taking me an hour+ to get home in the evenings (ideally I'd like to be home by 7 pm for Good Eats...and there's a sad lack of TiVo at my house).

Any takers? Preferably seeking two folks since the restricted HOV lane on the 520 is 3 or more. Interested parties please respond here or e-mail me at :)

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The TV at the QFC was tuned to CNN but it was muted, so I saw dazzling images but could hear no sound.

The images were of a throng of people at the Wal-Mart in Renton. One guy was holding out hundred-dollar bills, and an Asian lady seemed to be almost crushed by the push to the cash register.

Anybody know what it was about?
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Holiday Party Recommendations


I am looking for recommendations on places to throw our office holiday party this year. There are about 15 of us total (mixed crowd). Some places we've come up with are: 

- Acme Bowl
- Whirlyball
- Parlor Billiards
- The Garage

Do YOU know of a place?

Thanks in advance...

slightly evil katy
  • rubycat

fixed declawed kitty needs home

UPDATE:  Sounds like at least 1 for sure home for kitty, 2 back-ups, and a few foster mom volunteers.

Don't worry, when she goes in for her first check-up they can scan to see if she has a chip; (for all of those who were concerned she was lost) 

Thanks so much Seattle(most of you)  for caring!


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Purple Girl Mac Genius

Windows technicians in Seattle

Heya! I'm looking to chat with a Windows support technician in Seattle, possibly shadow them for a day, or possibly just interview someone. If anyone is willing to talk with me, I'd be very grateful. Thanks!

Edit: I'm not looking for you to fix my computer. :)

Job Related Post

Just relaying job info...

Sun Temple tanning salon is looking to hire a couple people for 20-25 hours a week, morning and afternoon hours. Minimum wage-ish.

It is practically in U-Village, although, technically it isn't really a part of it. It is on Montlake/45th St. (Next to Kits Cameras)
2724 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105

If you are interested, please contact the salon at 206.523.6055, or drop a resume off at the desk.

They are looking for someone with some sales experience.
Perfect for a student, etc.
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'none of us' building around virginia and 4th downtown.

what's the story on that building? i found a preddy picture of it via google, but the mightiest of my google-fu only reveals a snippet of info located on (along with said preddy picture). and that info seems...unreliable in the telling.

so i ask, does anyone know what the deal is with that building, like what it is and all that?

ps: is the picture.