November 8th, 2006


A "thank you" and more questions

Thanks for the manicure recommendations; I went to butter LONDON and they did a wonderful job. I'll definitely return.

Two more questions, neither of which were answered in the memories:

1. Car repair: my brakes need work (rotors), and I'd like a full inspection as well as recommendations. Is there a reputable place that won't screw me on whether something ACTUALLY needs to be done? (Being female and not-so-car-savvy makes it tough.) EDIT: I live in Northgate and drive a 98 Honda Civic.

2. Personal experience with a dry cleaner: preferably one who has worked with suede and old (one year) stains. I inherited a beautiful coat, but it's got what looks like spit-up (ah, the joy of infants) on it.

Dem's fightin' words

From IMDB:

Acid-tongued American Idol judge Simon Cowell has branded the city of Seattle, Washington as "totally miserable." Cowell's talent-finding visit to the city was unsuccessful, with the British music mogul lamenting the lack of decent Seattle-based singers. He tells USA Today, "Seattle is going to be known for something other than coffee this year. They had the worst bunch of miserable singers that I've ever met in my life. It was two days of total misery. And the weather was bad, as well."

Too bad Chris Cornell doesn't live here anymore. I think he has a job anyway.
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see: patch adams

is there a place in seattle that i could buy a mass (250ish) ammount of air-inflated balloons? the party supply stores are no help, and the red balloon company wants to come to my office to fill them up, which would be a pain. also, i like quick answers.
Santa Jason


Did anybody else hear that crazy "thunder"?! It sounded like some one drove their car into several other cars, but we could see no damage.

This is a mystery for the Eljay!
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My poor lil Volvo

So I'm taking a mini road trip in a few days and I realized my car probably needs an oil change before I go. I made an appointment to my usual mechanic but they can't take her in until a couple of weeks. So I'm a little iffy on going to Jiffy Lube/Grease Monkey as they're sleazy and usually lie about what they fix/do and charge extra.

What's a place you trust with good service in the Interbay/Ballard/Queen Anne area?

(240 dl 1990 volvo if it makes a difference)

edit: I need it to be done tomorrow.



I am new to livejournal, new to digital photography, and new to photo editing.  I am interested in getting some advice from people in Seattle about any classes or work shops that they might recommend, and am also interested in anyones journal that is dedicated to using this technology as an art form.  Any ideas?