November 7th, 2006

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Random visiting Seattle touristy q's

Hi there. I've searched the tags and memories and gotten some ideas on things to do for my 4 day mini-vacation in Seattle next month. In the past when visiting other cities, I've had great success with suggestions from the local LJ community, so here goes:

1. Looking for some restaurant suggestions that are a bit outside the "usual touristy" places. I'm partial to all ethnic food and seafood, but am open to other things too. The sort of place that if I mentioned it to someone local, they'd say "yeah, that's very Seattle" as compared to "yeah, that's very touristy". I won't have a car and am planning on staying downtownish, but am open to taking cabs/buses.

2. I like museums, culture and other such things. Other than the usual touristy spots, anything interesting and a bit off the beaten path?

3. Saw a few hotel recommendations in the tags/memories, but most are a few years old now. Like I said, no car and looking to stay downtownish. Ideally around $80-100/night price range. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any positive feedback and looking forward to visiting your city!

Happy Electioneering Day!

At one point in time, in the very recent past, every election in these here parts would have some dubious initiative by that sly fox of man, Tim Eyman. But today, there are none.  Initiatives with his name on them are shunned by the populace, and his anti gay rights initiative crashed and burned.

But what of him and his ilk? Where are they today? Who knows, who cares.   But I did find this in the very back pages of the seattletimes today:


Former Eyman aide loses court appeal

Suzanne Karr, who worked as treasurer for initiative-sponsor Tim Eyman's political-action company, has lost another round in her fight with the state Public Disclosure Commission.

The state Court of Appeals Monday found that a lower court did not infringe on her First Amendment rights when Karr helped Eyman conceal salary payments.

Last year, a Superior Court judge found that Eyman and Karr created a sham corporation, Permanent Offense in 2000 to hide salary payments to Eyman.

Permanent Offense was used to conceal money Eyman drew as salary for work with his political-action committee, the judge ruled.

Eyman and Permanent Offense settled out of court in 2002, agreeing to pay $53,000 in penalties.

Karr went to trial, where she lost, then lost again on appeal.

The appeals court also ordered her to pay the state's legal fees.

Suggested topics to cover:   What's the guess on the cost of the state's legal fees?  Anyone want to speculate on Darth Idiot's next great initiative? If Eyman were a bodily excretion, what would he be?  And what kind of profit margins would result of Diebold and Eyman teamed up?
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paintball fight?

on the movie 10 things i hate about you (im sure some have seen it in this community) know how its supposed to be based in seattle.. well when Pat and Kat go to that paintball throwing thing.. is there actually a place like that in seattle? if so where? and whats it called?
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Hacking Democracy

Since today is voting day, it seems like a good time to start a thread on Hacking Democracy. Has anyone seen this movie yet? It's on HBO replaying quite often. The movie was based in Seattle and features Black Box Voting. It was quite interesting. I highly recommend it.

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Are you expressing yourself in the world as you want to be?

Are you living your dreams?

Are you tired of lying to yourself and others about who the "real" you really is?

If you're ready to start the New Year living from a more authentic, empowered place, the day-long playshop, Planting the Seeds of Self-Expression is a great place to start!

Life has a way of slipping away until one day we wake up and don't recognize the person staring back at us in the mirror. It doesn't have to be that way! Just as an apple contains all the potential it needs to grow a tree which will bear fruit, you have inside of you all the potential to fully express yourself, to bring your truth into the world and to bear the fruit of your creativity.

"You must first be who you really are,
then do what you need to do,
in order to have what you want."
-Margaret Young

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Eastside commuting

My husband and I are looking at buying a house on the eastside--specifically, somewhere between Kirkland and Renton (maybe even east about Issaquah and Sammamish). Currently, he works in Kent and I work in Redmond, so we're trying to figure out what commutes would be like for us depending on where we move.

We've found some things we like in Kingsgate and Kennydale, so I'm curious if anyone has any experience commuting to Kent or Redmond from either one of these places.

I figure if we moved to Kennydale, I could take Sunset to Coal Creek and attempt to avoid the bad traffic on northbound 405, but I don't know if Coal Creek is bad going north too.

Thanks :)

Identifying Seattle Tourists and "Natives"


I quoted the "natives" in the subject line because many of the local area residents came from other places but have lived here long enough to be assimilated.  Or at least like to think they are.

A native will drive with their windshield wipers set on a delayed cycle no matter how hard the rain is falling.

So, how do YOU identify a tourist or a native?
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Hey techies...

I know there are loads of tech jobs in the Seattle area, however, what do you do if you have no degree and you want to break into programming, game design, etc?
Is a degree a necessity?
If I learn C++, .NET, VB, etc., what's a good way to get experience so that I can get hired (all the jobs seem to require at least 2 years exp.)?

Are there any companies or schools to seek or avoid?

Any general advice for someone who has a great interest in tech and learns fast, but just hasn't obtained the education for it yet?

Any help would be wonderful! Thanks!

UPDATE: I should list that I have loads of customer service experience and also worked for GoDaddy in AZ, so I've gained familiarity with troubleshooting some tech issues.

UPDATE 2.0: Customers are not really stupid, I just have to learn patience.
Drum Circle
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if you're not watching fox news, DO IT!

omg, they are definitely the best to watch -- seeing Kristol and other guys look like they're about crying, its AWESOME!

Democrats take +32 house probably, and my guess is that the senate will be 50 (maybe 51?) dems.

Wow.. keep watching fox, and see them squirm.... hehehhehe
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Wtf am I doing here

Seeing a Show at Neumo's...

Before I begin, ICGATM.

I was wondering how many of you have seen shows at Neumo's? There's an act I really want to see at the end of the month, but I have never been there.
How many seats are in Neumo's? Is it usually pretty crowded/should I get my tickets as soon as I can? Anything else ya'll can tell me about this club would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!