November 6th, 2006

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So what does a girl have to do around here to get a proofreading job on the side? I'm in college, have some experience with commercial proofreading (catalogs and such) and I sort of enjoy it. I've been checking craigslist but all they want is are technical writers and copy editors. Anyplace else I can look?

Mike West, we miss you already!

Who else heard the Marty Reamer tag sounds this morning and nearly fell over? It's not that I dislike Marty at all, but I've gotten really used to Fisher and West as the only morning radio program in which I like both the DJs and the music.

My world has been cast into chaos. I remember back in the day when it was Crow and West, though I've always preferred John Fisher to Gary Crow. Lee's addition just completed the awesomeness of the show.

This all, of course, leaves one important question: is the 5:20 funny safe?

ETA: The 5:20 funny is indeed safe--and augmented by a 7:20 morning edition. All of Marty's lineups (cover me, mountain music lounge, etc) also seem to have been rescheduled for the morning, without compromising 9@9. Whew.

Great Sketch Experiment with John Landis

Hey everyone - we're representing Seattle in a big contest and need your help!

I'm in a sketch comedy group called Train of Thought ( and we were selected to be a part of JibJab's Great Sketch Experiment! Over sixty groups were invited to submit a sketch comedy script and only six we chosen. We were flown to LA to have our sketch directed by the one and only John Landis (Animal House / Blues Brothers)! Our sketch is called Tom & Tina. I can't embed it here because JibJab's player isn't compatible with LiveJournal. :|

It will only take you a moment and all the sketches are great so you can have a nice distraction on this rainy day. Instructions are below.

Here's how to vote for us:

1. Register with JibJab. It takes about 15 seconds. Here's the link:

2. Once you click that link and fill in the info, you'll instantly get an email from JibJab. Click the confirmation link in that email.

3. By clicking the confirmation, you'll get sent to your JibJab profile page. Fill in the profile information (which you can make 100% private by clicking the "private" buttons next to the questions).

4. Go to our video!

5. Click in the "VOTE" box on the right of the video window next to our sketch's name - Tom & Tina - You're done! (there's no submit button - just check the box! - and you can only vote once)

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I don't know what to put for a subject because I don't exactly know what I'm looking for.

I am looking for various services and events that come to someone's home, say for a party or something. Something along the lines of a "passion party" type thing, but it doesn't have to necessarily be erotic or anything like that (does anyone have a term for these kinds of businesses/services that come to homes?)

Anywhere in the greater Seattle area is fine.

As an added note, I'm not looking for strippers or dancers or anything like.

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Searched in seattle's memories and tags, but didn't find anything past 2003.

Where's a good place to get a 'regular' (not fake nails) manicure? You know, cuticle-conscious, not incredibly painful, and relatively inexpensive. A pedicure would be nice, too, so if you know of a place that does both rather well, I'm interested. For reference, I live in Northgate and work downtown, and would like to find a place I can continue going to so I have some incentive to not bite my nails.


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Reasonably priced furniture (not used, not antique)

I checked the memories, and the recommendations were pretty much geared towards used or antique furniture, which I'm not interested in. I also checked Google and the Yellow Pages, but I'm having difficulty figuring out what I'm looking for since I don't know what local stores carry, so I need some personal recommendations, please. =)

My husband can't stand IKEA furniture and I'm sad about $1200+ and 4-6 weeks' delivery time for most sofas that we've seen in furniture stores. So far we've looked at Pacific Interiors, Bassett, and Macy*s. Where we used to live in Denver, there was American Furniture Warehouse that had a huge selection of a variety of reasonably priced (in my view), immediately available furniture. Is there an equivalent here in Seattle? More than one, preferably? Specifically, I'm looking for a place we can get a couch right away, delivered, that is new and reasonably priced.

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Voting help please

Can someone please tell me how to vote on all of the initiatives? I do not have time to research them. Thank you.

And just so this is not text-only:

I saw that parked at N 45th & Burke today.

Black Friday INfo!

I'm from Vancouver and I'm thinking of going down to Seattle for some Black Friday shopping.

Do you have any tips for when I should go? And if there are any websites that post black friday deals?

I'm thinking of skipping the Outlets and just go straight to downtown seattle

espresso pod help

OK all you coffee experts...lets test how much you really know. I'm buying my husband a case of espresso pods for christmas for his way too expensive espresso machine. I just scoured and came up with this list. They are listed from cheapest to most expensive.

What have you tried and what would you reccommend????? I'm leaving Illy off the list because thats an obvious choice but also the most expensive out of all these. He's also tried San Giorgio which he liked but not nearly as much as Illy.

Compagnia dell' Arabica
Caffe Mako
Jolly Caffe
Caffe Rialto ...please.